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I'm a UX/UI Designer – working from home since the start of COVID-19. This is where I share everything I'm learning about creating a beautifully productive home office.

Have you been struggling to focus lately? Me too!

Last week I was made redundant due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on travel. Meanwhile, I've been fielding new opportunities from recruiters, exploring a side hustle with a friend and working on freelance projects. Then there's my actual, soon-to-be-redundant job.

I needed a circuit-breaker to get back in the zone. So I turned to the blog of best-selling author James Clear. His book Atomic Habits gets rave reviews. It's been on my radar for ages, but I still haven't read it. Anyway, James' blog has a free, dedicated guide on improving focus: 

Focus: The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Focus and Concentration

These are the main takeaways:

  • People don’t have trouble focusing. They have trouble deciding.
  • Multitasking is a myth. Focus only occurs when we say yes to one option and no to all others.
  • Focus only requires a present no, not a permanent one.
  • Measure progress – focus fades with a lack of feedback.
  • Learn to love the process, not the outcome.
  • Assign one (and only one) priority to each workday. 
  • Manage your energy, not your time.

Pro tip: read the guide for yourself and put it into practice. It worked for me. I almost gave up on this week's newsletter. But here we are. Let me know if it works for you. 

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It's been another solid week of new subscribers. Welcome, everyone! I'm glad you're here.

Until next week, find some focus and do your best work.


How to stay focused.