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What happens when you invite three different Feng Shui “experts” to design the interior of a house?

Comedy illusionists Penn & Teller decided to find out in an episode of their TV show: Bullshit!

It turned out that all three experts gave different and conflicting advice on how to design the home according to principles of Feng Shui.

So does that mean Feng Shui is without any merit? And what even is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that claims to balance the energy force (Qi – pronounced “chee”) among different elements (metal, earth, fire, water and wood) to create a harmonious space. 

When it comes to your home office, practitioners of Feng Shui generally recommend:

  • Keeping your bedroom and office separated
  • Removing clutter 
  • Improving natural light and airflow
  • Positioning your desk with a view of the door
  • Decorating with colours and items that inspire and motivate

Not exactly out there, is it?

Feng Shui is a pseudoscience, which means that its claims of “balancing energy forces” cannot be tested using the scientific method. 

But a growing body of scientific evidence does show that incorporating natural elements into our built environments can reduce stress while increasing productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

Known as Biophilic Design, it’s based on the hypothesis that humans have an innate need to connect to nature because we've depended on it for our evolutionary survival.

Here’s what studies into Biophilic Design recommend when it comes to your home office:

  • Removing clutter 
  • A plant or two on your desk
  • Improving natural light and airflow
  • A view of nature (or images of nature)
  • Surfaces with woodgrain
  • Positioning your desk with a view of the door (for a sense of prospect and safety)

Wait a minute! Biophilic Design looks a lot like the basic principles of Feng Shui. This intersection between the two concepts is the hard-wired desire of humans to feel connected to nature.

But unlike Feng Shui, Biophilic Design is backed by science and isn’t concerned with intangible concepts like the flow of qi.

So get cracking on making your office more biophilic. Decorate it with things that inspire you … and skip the Feng Shui guru!

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