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Doug Rotherham

I'm a UX/UI Designer – working from home since the start of COVID-19. This is where I share everything I'm learning about creating a beautifully productive home office.

Do you work from home?

If you answered yes, you're in the right place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a radical shift in the way we work and do business.

What was once the domain of freelancers and entrepreneurs, working from home is now the "new normal" for millions of people.

But while major companies say that only 40% of employees will be able to work from home once the pandemic is over, research shows that getting workers back into the office full-time won't be easy.

For example, in Australia and the USA, the vast majority of employees say they'd prefer a hybrid model – working from home with a day or two spent in the office.

What's more, the pandemic has further highlighted the fragility of relying on a traditional job. This has motivated millions of people to start a side hustle, or make the leap into full-time self-employment.

Bottom line ... working from home isn't going anywhere!

Level-up your home office lifestyle

The shift to a work-from-home lifestyle has inspired many of us to take our workspaces to the next level.

Whether it's decorating rooms, updating gear, or adopting new technology, we're always looking for ways to create a more beautiful, productive and healthy space.

That's where Home Office Inspo comes in.

It starts with the weekly email where I trawl the interwebs to bring you the freshest resources for doing your best work from home ... in style!

Here are the themes I'm focussing on:

1. Design trends

I share the best home office setups that I encounter online. But it's more than just eye candy and inspiration for creating the perfect backdrop for your Zoom calls.

It's about style AND substance.

So often I see beautiful looking home offices with chairs, desks and setups that are totally impractical. That's why I'm focussed on discovering workspace trends that are beautiful AND functional.

2. Productivity tips

Let's face it. Working from home isn't all rainbows and unicorns. The line between work and home can be blurry AF.

We're unable to switch off one day ... and struggling for motivation the next! Then there's the toll it can take on our family life. Not to mention the impacts of being socially isolated.

That's why I'm searching for the best tips, tactics and strategies to get maximum shit done in minimum time – so that we have more freedom to enjoy the benefits of working from home (without the guilt).

3. Tech tools

Technology lies at the heart of a successful home office. But while there's a plethora of tools and gadgets at our disposal, researching the right gear can feel like a full-time job in itself.

I spend countless hours researching the best tech tools so that you don't have to. From hardware, software and shortcuts to help your workflow sing ... to camera and lighting gear that'll make your Zoom setup the envy of everyone.

But wait, there's more.

In addition to the weekly email, there'll be step-by-step tutorials and product reviews coming soon to the YouTube channel.

Excited? If you're a work from home professional, you oughta be! Sign up below and start designing the home office of your dreams.

See you on the inside,

Doug Rotherham,
Founding Editor.

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